We take care of your commercial locksmith needs according to your budget and schedule. And we assure that our systems will hold up better than the traditional security methods you may be using. Additionally, we provide our customers a huge sense of relief as they get the high quality security measures they need. We provide top commercial locksmith services around the clock and fearlessly take on any issue you might have at unbeatable prices.

Our Commercial Locksmith Services

At ASAP Locksmith, we believe that all people deserve safety and protection in their lives. We aim our services directly at protecting your possessions, no matter what. Our commercial locksmith services prevent important items from getting stolen and misused, and they include:

  • Lost Office Keys
  • Office Lockout
  • Locks Change
  • Repair Locks
  • Master Key Systems
  • CCTV (Security Cameras)
  • Access Control Systems
  • Safes
  • Panic Bars
  • Exit Devices
  • Lever Handles
  • High security locks
  • File Cabinet / Desk Locks
  • Door Closer
  • Eviction Services
  • Install Dead Bolts and Knob Sets
  • Intercom and Buzzer Systems
Commercial Locksmith Services

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Why clients choose ASAP Locksmith

We know how important consistency is for a thriving business. In addition to that, we know how a great start can lead to a fruitful and productive time period throughout the day. However, getting locked out of the office could diminish all that effort and ruin employee morale. Any business could face this problem, from very large corporations, to small, home-based businesses.

We provide commercial locksmith services to deal with the most complex of lockouts. With a highly experienced workforce and the best tools on the market, expect us to analyze and then immediately neutralize the lockout in record time. After all, even the tiniest bit of wasted time results in major loss for a company, whether it’s due to missed deadlines, or dealing with customers you can’t satisfy because you are locked out of your business.

Therefore, don’t worry because ASAP Locksmith is prepared for these things all day and all night. Our work is professional because we mitigate extra damage on the job and fast so that your company can return to normal operation as soon as possible, ASAP.

More About Our Commercial Locksmith Services

One of our most requested services is the work on panic bars. Panic Bars are a big part of any major building, whether it’s an office building or any other installation housing hundreds of people. Due to some tragic incidents in which people were not able to evacuate out of the building quickly enough, there was an outcry for a mechanism that would improve building safety in the event of an emergency.

In accordance with the Life Safety Code, we now offer panic bar services for the entrances and exits of a business building. The right means of escape can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, and we are deeply concerned for the safety of our clients and the people they share their business with. Thus, you can expect nothing but the most diligent and stoic operation from our service.

High Security Locks

We want you to have the best options available when it comes to your security. Therefore, we offer high security locks that have less probability of getting manipulated by a third party. High Security Locks are the perfect solution to your security issue and thwart the intruder’s attempts at every angle. We offer this service to all kinds of organizations and companies who need unmatched security on their work grounds. Additionally, we have the best people working with us to provide you the safest environment you can achieve.

Master Key Systems

Our master key system is one of a kind. While it is very secure in general, you’ll only need one key to access every lock in your complex or building. And that can do wonders for large organizations and businesses who need that kind of security in their complexes. Our system is also highly customized so you can modify it according to your safety needs.

Filing Cabinet Services

Despite the use of electronic storage and cloud technology, people still use file cabinets. In order to continue securing these outdated storage methods, we offer rekey services, lock installation, and last but not least, file cabinet lockout. Additionally, we provide maintenance and will assist you if you break or lose your keys. While protecting your important data and keeping them safe from prying eyes, we make sure our service is highly beneficial to you and your organization.

Are you stuck outside your business complex? Need a lock installed for the new office? We send a commercial locksmith to you in 20 minutes or less for office lockouts, rekeying, new lock installation, CCTV, Master Key Systems, filing cabinets, and more. Give ASAP Locksmith Los Angeles a call today at (866) 550-5625.

24/7 LOCKSMITH – CALL US: (866) 550-5625